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    Cop the new gears and skater brands as the December update brings a bunch of new additions to Skater XL

    Easy Day Studios has recently launched a trailer showcasing examples of the first round of community created gear that will be coming to Skater XL on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 16. Deck out your character with over 250 pieces of new gear, created by the passionate Skater XL community, including customized decks, trucks, wheels, clothing, shoes, skins, and even beards and tattoos. Trailer below:

    Along with three new community maps (Riverfern, Quebec Skate Plaza, and Applewood Park) showcased earlier in November, this first drop marks the beginning of regular community content updates to Skater XL for all platforms.

    Some features of the game for those who aren’t familiar yet:

    • FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION – Skater XL is unique in that it doesn’t have any tricks programmed into it, only control of the movement through the thumbsticks. Each thumbstick is connected to the corresponding foot of the skater and as the player moves the stick, the board instantly responds. Much like a musical instrument, the player has complete freedom, whether it be pushing to nail a line or skating free from.
    • CUSTOMIZABLE CHARACTERS – The possibilities are endless for players to personalize their Skater XL experience. Players can customize their entire look, including their skater’s gear with different tees, hoodies, hats and shoes.
    • PLAY AS REAL-LIFE PRO SKATERS – The game is launching with highly renowned pros TIAGO LEMOS, BRANDON WESTGATE, EVAN SMITH, and TOM ASTA. Each skater will have their own gear that fits their style.
    • COME PLAY IN THE SANDBOX – Each area is yours to explore. With the freedom of an open-environment, players will be able to push themselves, perfecting the subtle nuances of a highly technical trick or free form skate.
    • REAL LIFE ICONIC SKATING LOCATIONS – In Skater XL, players can shred legendary real-world skate spots that are home to some of the most iconic skaters and tricks in the world.
    • THRIVING COMMUNITY – Dive into a passionate community with more than 50,000 members in Discord who create online zines, video parts, fakeskate brands, and hundreds of mods. Players can become part of a bigger ecosystem and join the digital skateboarding subculture where they can share their creativity

    Skater XL is available now for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC via Steam and coming soon to Nintendo Switch. The update above is scheduled for a December 16th 2020 drop date.

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