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    Celebrate Diablo Anniversary With March of The Goblins

    Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating the 1st anniversary of Diablo IV and the 2nd anniversary of Diablo Immortal by giving players a goblin heap of rewards. There will be anniversary events that will start now until 20th June.

    Diablo IV Anniversary Celebration

    Players can claim free cosmetics gifts from the shop to kick off the celebration and they will be available until 20 June.

    Part 1—March of the Goblins

    From 6 June – 13 June, there will be an increase in goblin activity across the Sanctuary. Players will receive a higher chance to encounter the greed shrine which will help enrich oneself. If you venture into dungeons, Goblins will spawn in pairs with a chance of them being in a bigger group.

    Part 2— Mother’s Blessing: Anniversary Edition

    The second part of the celebration gives players the Monther’s Blessing which increases earn experience by 25% and gold at a 50% (multiplicative) increase rate. Players can use this limited buff together with Elixirs and Urn of Aggression to help advance in their Battle Pass more quickly. Mother’s Blessing will be available until 20th June.

    Diablo Immortal Anniversary Celebration

    It has been 2 years since the release of Diablo Immortal and a bunch of events are here to celebrate the 2nd anniversary. Players can visit the in-game Anniversary Hub for all the details.


    March of the Goblins

    There will be more Goblins spawning from 6 June – 20 June which will drop more riches for players. Joining anniversary events also will count towards completing the weekly task.

    Complete them to earn crafting materials, gold, Legendary items, the Glorious Dawn Portal Cosmetic and Battle Pass progression. Anniversary Events will also earn you the Glorious Dawn Portal Cosmetic and Special Anniversary Avatar Frame, both of which are only available to earn during the Anniversary!

    Completing enough tasks grants you the following rewards:

    • 3 tasks – 3 bound Legendary Crests
    • 9 tasks – 1 Rare Gem and a Familiar Contract
    • 15 tasks – 7 Rare Crests and the Glorious Dawn Portal

    5-Star Stormvault Legendary Gem Gift

    A new Legendary Gem will be available for players to claim starting on June 13—June 20. claim a mysterious brand new Quality 2, 5-Star Stormvault Legendary Gem as a gift to celebrate the anniversary of Diablo Immortal.

    Gold-Cursed Goliath

    The fearsome Avarice the Gold Cursed from Diablo IV has entered the fray. Wielding a massive mallet and crushing gold-filled chest. Defeating Avarice for the first time that day will grant 1 Legendary item, and has a chance to drop normal Gems.

    Competing in the Trial of Plunder has a chance to earn you a Gold-Cursed Portal, which can be used to summon a portal that teleports you to Avarice immediately. There is also a chance to encounter a Gold-Cursed Portal randomly in the wild, teleporting you directly to slay this greedy behemoth.

    Trial of Plunder

    In this augmented version of Trial of the Hordes with Treasure goblins now randomly appear throughout your match dropping their treasures. Treasure goblins will count as typical monster kills.

    Goblin’s Plunder

    From 6 June – 13 June, for the first time, this is running for a full 36 hours, where you will get 200% of the rewards on the following gameplay:

    • Horadric Bestiary
    • Helliquary Raids
    • Challenge Rifts
    • Bounties
    • Elder Rifts
    • Fishing
    • Castle Cyrangar
    • Monster Kills
    • Battle Pass points from Codex Tasks

    Additionally, with Goblin’s Plunder, you will have the chance to activate two Mirrored Jewels available when running Elder Rifts which earns you double the Legendary Gems, twice. If you toggle Mirrored Jewels before you begin an Elder Rift run, for just that run, every Legendary Gem you receive as a reward will be accompanied by an additional random Legendary Gem of the same type and random quality. The probability of receiving Legendary Gems from Elder Rifts remains the same.

    Anniversary Bard Celebrations

    From 6 June – 20 June, Bard contract owners will be able to summon their mellifluous companion to fill the air with a joyful tune. Check your inbox messages if you are unable to find your trusty musician. For the townsfolk of Westmarch, there will also be a Bard playing music at scattered locations within the town.

    Prophet’s Progeny Phantom Market

    The latest Phamton Market will start from 13 June until 11 July. The new cosmetic set Prophet’s Progeny, includes heavenly wings which are affected by the power of your Resonance level. Both the illustrious visual effect and Aura will be usable for 30 days after you initially acquire them.

    With all that, here is a quick overview of the events during the Diablo Anniversary Celebration.

    Diablo IV: March of the Goblins Part 1 March of the Goblins June 6-13
    Free Gifts in the Shop June 6-12, claim until June 20
    Part 2 Mother’s Blessing June 6 until June 20
    Diablo Immortal: March of the Goblins Free 5-Star Legendary Gem Gift June 13, claim until June 20
    Goblin’s Plunder June 6-20
    Gold-Cursed Goliath June 6-18
    March of the Goblins June 6-13
    Trial of Plunder
    Anniversary Bard


    For more information, you can visit the game blog HERE.

    Diablo IV is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

    Diablo Immortal is available on mobile devices through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and PC.


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