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    Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls bringing a classic to mobile with iconic characters!

    Tokyo Game Show 2019 never fails to surprise me, even more so with the announcement by Konami with its next upcoming project Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls coming for Smartphones.

    Occurring after many years since the defeat of Count Dracula, a mysterious letter is sent to Genya Arikado stating as “The Grimoires have awoken, and the world is being consumed by darkness. I implore you, please come to our aid!”. Genya Arikado then ventures forth into the moonlit night. Check out the trailer below:


    Play as your iconic characters on mobile!

    Genya Arikado will meet iconic characters from the Castlevania series to play as or alongside. Such as Alucard, vampire killer Simon, witch Charlotte, or even vampire huntress Maria and many more. each with their own combat styles and skills to master.

    Comes with vampiric features:

    • Hack, slash or blast your way through the hordes of Dracula’s army.
    • Navigate carefully on deadly traps and explore the world written in grimoires.
    • Comes with multiple game modes such as a multplayer mode called Bounty Hunt.
    • Bounty Hunt offers you and your friends to defeat the horde as much as possible within a set time limit.

    Currently no further info on the release date. Stay tuned for more.

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