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    Cast Your Vote For Two Upcoming Kits In The Sims 4

    EA and Maxis revealed that they want to hear from Simmers! They are astonished by the incredible ways players express themselves in The Sims 4 and are asking players to vote on which themes will inspire Kits for an upcoming release.

    There will only be one round of voting, so make sure to get your decisions in! They have two exciting thematic options to choose from for both Create a Sim and Build Buy Kits. Players will have until Sunday, May 21st at 7:00 pm PST to cast their votes. The winning themes will appear in a future Kits release.

    Voting is now open here

    *image is not representative of final in-game objects

    Do you prefer light or dark? Go light and bright with RAINBOW CORE STYLE, immersed in fun and vibrant colors with a wide range of bright and cheerful patterns that add a little bit of sunshine to your Sim’s lives. On the other hand, embrace your dark side and vote for edgy and mysterious GOTH FASHION, and capture the brooding aura of your moodiest Sims.

    Build Buy: Past or Future theme? Vote for your favorite Build Kit

    Love the past or look to the future? Grandeur and majesty make MEDIEVAL CASTLE perfect for creating your own kingdom, providing you with everything you’ll need to build a grand, rustic castle. Build a fortress with an array of elements including brick walls, battlements, and leaded glass windows set in old stone. Place your vote for HIGH TECH FUTURISM if you’re inspired by out-of-this-world architecture featuring sleek metal exteriors and glowing accents that make a perfect home base for any Sims visiting from another planet.

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