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    Mobile JRPG Caravan Stories Officially Launched For PS4 Japan & Asia Region. NA Version in July.

    Caravan Stories Officially Launched.

    After spending little over a week or so on Open-Beta, developer Aiming Inc has finally announced that their famous Mobile JRPG, Caravan Stories, is now officially available on the PlayStation 4 on the Japanse and Asia (R3) region PS Stores for free (in-game purchase available). The current JP and Asia version of the game supports English, Japanese, and Chinese.

    On the other side of the world, the developer has issued a press statement confirming that the North American version will be hitting the market come this July.



    There is no confirmation at this moment regarding a European release for the R2 region but we have submitted an enquiry to the developer and shall update here as soon as we receive one.


    P.s If you can’t wait to try it out, you may register a Japanese or Asian (R3) PSN Account for free and download the game from the Store, also free. The game already supports English by default. However, do keep in mind that the current Asian server is filled with Japanese players but the game has a built-in language translation feature for its in-game chat.


    About Caravan Stories.

    Originally a Mobile Game, Caravan Stories have since been released on the PC and now the PlayStation 4. Enter the vast, open world of Iyarr, where adventure awaits around every corner. Players can choose their character from six playable races (Currently only 5 on the PS4), each with their own storyline. Build a fellowship by taming monsters and befriending non-player characters. Nearly 300 allies can be recruited for PvE and PvP.


    Review On-going.

    I have started playing the game for almost a week now since the open-beta and have been working on the review. I’ve seen, experienced, and gathered enough from this game to give you my view on it but I intend to observe this transition (Beta-Launch) period for a bit more before concluding and publishing my thoughts about the game. The dust has yet to settle from the official kick-off, let’s see what remains after it does 🙂


    Caravan Stories is now available on your Japan and Asian (R3) PS Store for free, with optional in-game purchases. The North American (R1) version will be coming in July and there are no words yet on the European (R2) version.

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