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    Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Kicks Off A New Chapter Titled Next Dream

    Mobile gaming specialist KLab Inc released new chapters for NEXT DREAM, a brand new storyline for the 1v1 football game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team based on an original idea by the author original Captain Tsubasa, Yoichi Takahashi. The kick-off has started.

    This new story started in September 2021 with the presentation of the main players and their recruiting destination. The February 2022 update then expanded on the arcs of the main protagonists, marking the conclusion of this prologue.

    From today, fans will be able to open hostilities by discovering the main scenario, which features the first league matches of each country, and therefore the first clashes between the star players.

    New narrative developments will be added every month. Don’t miss the many twists and turns this new football season has in store for you!

    About NEXT DREAM

    The script for the new NEXT DREAM story arc was imagined by Yoichi Takahashi, the author of Captain Tsubasa, and produced by KLab under his supervision.

    The story takes place after the Madrid Olympics in Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun, currently in development in the special Grand Jump edition of Captain Tsubasa Magazine (Shueisha). The well-known characters of the license meet new faces around their common passion for football.

    The story of NEXT DREAM

    The story begins when well-known players like Tsubasa Oozora receive offers from all over Europe inviting them to join the best teams of the Old Continent.

    Genzo Wakabayashi missed his chance to play for Hamburg. Kojiro Hyuga has experienced many setbacks on the big Italian scene. Taro Misaki has given upcoming to play in France following a terrible accident. Many revenge players want to take their revenge. The championship matches are finally starting, and it’s high time to find out what’s in store for each of them!

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