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    Buried Alive: Breathless Rescue – Escape The Coffin’s Clutches And Unearth The Depths Of Terror In This Cryptic Adventure

    Midnight Works unveils the premiere of ‘Buried Alive: Breathless Rescue‘ on Steam, an adrenaline-fueled odyssey into the chilling realms of cryptic horror. Immerse yourself in the heart-stopping narrative as you awaken in a desolate crypt, confronted by darkness and the unknown.

    Your mission: escape the confines of your coffin, solve cryptic puzzles, and unearth the sinister secrets that linger in the shadows. Will you conquer your fears and see the light of day, or succumb to the darkness that awaits? The choice is yours in ‘Buried Alive: Breathless Rescue‘.


    Step into the gripping gameplay of ‘Buried Alive: Breathless Rescue,‘ where survival instincts and wit are your keys to freedom. Claw your way out of the coffin using intuitive controls, explore the crypt’s chilling depths, and piece together fragmented clues. Solve mind-bending puzzles with quick thinking, and use your surroundings wisely to outsmart lurking dangers.

    Every decision shapes your destiny, and time is of the essence. Can you navigate the crypt’s unforgiving chambers and escape the looming darkness, or will you succumb to the crypt’s ominous grip? The challenge awaits – are you ready to face it head-on?.

    Unique Features:

    Uncover Secrets: Awake in a desolate crypt, shrouded in darkness. Find a blood-stained old bat and a cryptic note, beckoning you to uncover mysteries.

    Explore and Unearth: Delve into chilling depths, search everywhere, solve puzzles, and find hidden clues leading to escape. Beware of lurking dangers.

    Test Ingenuity: Survival depends on thinking fast, solving intricate puzzles, deciphering riddles, and unlocking hidden passages.

    Discover Dark Tale: Venture deeper, unveil a haunting tale of despair. Learn the story behind the bat and note, uncover chilling secrets.

    Escape or Succumb: Decisions determine fate. Conquer fears, escape the crypt’s grasp, or succumb to consuming darkness. Time’s limited.

    Availability: Buried Alive: Breathless Rescue” is currently available for users to add to their Wishlist on Steam. Mark your calendar for the eagerly awaited game launch scheduled for 12 December.

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