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    Break The Rules Of Expression With The Tab S8 Ultra

    Usher in a new creative renaissance where you can express yourself however you choose. More than ever before, we are exploring and deepening our creative passions and with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s massive surface, you can express yourself on a grander scale.

    This epic canvas comes with a brush so precise you can take your art to the next level. The latency on the S Pen has been reduced by 69% in supported apps, bringing the experience closer to that of pen-on-paper, for brush-on-canvas creativity with near-instant feedback.

    With Clip Studio Paint, you can paint incredible scenes with a plethora of brushes, colours and layers. If you have an S22 series phone, you can snap a picture and then extract the photo’s colour for your artwork. Your phone then transforms into a colour palette, allowing you to tap your S Pen on your Galaxy S22 Ultra’s screen, similar to a brush picking up colour from a paint palette to ease your creative process.

    The improved Samsung Notes’ new landscape scroll feature lets you keep scrolling left and right for more room to write and sketch. You can also keep your ideas flowing with the improved Samsung Notes app. Samsung Notes updates across all your Galaxy devices, providing you with a simple and fast way to keep your notes organised, including web clips you want to remember.

    If video content creation is your passion, the Tab S8 Ultra can record 4K video from its front camera to give you more high-quality footage to work with. Or if you have your S22 series phone, you can use Quick Share to speedily transfer high-res video files to make your edits on the tab’s big screen.

    Watch how the Tab S8 Ultra breaks all the rules of expression so you can create something revolutionary;

    Until 31 March 2022, customers who purchase the Tab S8 Ultra can redeem free gifts worth up to RM1,887. This includes one S Pen and one Book Cover Keyboard in the box worth up to RM1,738, one Neoprene Pouch worth RM149 and 30% off a one (1) year Samsung Care+ Protection Plan.

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