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    Botanical Warden Made An Announcement Trailer

    Botanical Warden is a tactical roguelike deckbuilder inspired by botany where you use plants as weapons and tools to conquer your foes.

    On a barren island, tribes struggle to survive with the meager resources available to them. Botany is largely unknown and plants are used mostly as weapons. One day, Corvac meets a mysterious figure who teaches him that plants can be used for much more and offer boundless resources to whoever understands them.

    Build your deck by discovering new plants and evolving new species through natural selection and hybridization. Fight your opponents in grid-based, turn-by-turn, tactical combat where you sow your plants on the grid to achieve victory.

    Features :

    • Tactical plant combat: sow your seeds and let plants do the fighting.
    • Two-hand system: one hand for your plants, one hand for punctual or recurring actions.
    • Deck management: plant upgrades inspired by botany with artificial selection and hybridization.
    • Open map: travel anywhere you want on the island and end your run against any of the 5 foreign tribes’ bosses.
    • Journey through a strange barren island where plants are scarce and used as weapons.
    • Take on foreign tribes and build a botanical empire to create a better future for your people.
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