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    Blasphemous new update ‘The Stir of Dawn’ coming this August 4th

    Publisher Team17 and developer The Game Kitchen announced a free update titled “The Stir of Dawn,” for Blasphemous this August 4th, featuring new Storyline, New game+, and many more. The game is currently available on Xbox One, PC, Switch, and PlayStation 4.

    The following updates found in the Official Website:

    • New Game+
    • Updated voice acting, including a full Spanish language option.
    • A new, optional ‘Three Penitence’ system.
    • New storylines, NPCs, bosses, enemies, and areas to discover.
    • New Executions & Counterattack mechanic.
    • Revamped map system with more fast travel locations.
    • New items, animations, and level art reworks.
    • Balance changes including Buffed Prayers, Rosary Bead & Sword Heart updates plus enemy tweaks!
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