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    Become Monstrous In Venture To The Vile, A Riveting And Dynamic Metroidvania Debut From New Studio Founded By AAA Veterans

    New independent studio Cut to Bits announced their debut game Venture To The Vile, a story-focused metroidvania, set in a playful, yet sinister world. Founded by industry veterans with a track record that includes Bioshock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto IV, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, and more.

    Your life is plunged into disarray by an outpouring of monstrosities, that the townsfolk call “the Vile”. The arrival of the Vile has thrown the residents of the town of Rainybrook into shock and disarray. During the turmoil, your friend Luella is lost in the dark unknown, leaving you hurt with a blackened and mutated arm that can transform into a vicious claw. The Vile is all-consuming by nature, and you’ll absorb its abilities and powers with every death blow. Will you save the town and find Luella… or will you become the monster you’re fighting against?

    In this narrative and exploration-focused adventure, investigate each corner of a town now lost to darkness, meet a peculiar cast of characters, take on unrelenting terrors, and discover new quests and stories as the world dynamically shifts and changes with the time of day and weather. Explore a rich 3D world by navigating parallel planes of 2D gameplay – if you can see it, you can reach it in Venture To The Vile.

    Lose yourself to the Vile next year on PC and consoles.

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