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    Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! Launches Crossover With Tokyo Revengers.

    “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”, Bushiroad’s mobile music game available on Android and iOS, launches collaboration campaigns with the widely known Japanese TV Anime Series — “Tokyo Revengers” (2021), in the English version from March 1st UTC 1:00.

    BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! x Tokyo Revengers Collaboration Campaigns

    Starting from Mar. 1, a series of collaboration campaigns including the Mission Live Event, Collab Member Gacha, Login Campaigns, and more will be held in the game for players to obtain collaboration limited content. Other in-game events including New 4 Limited Member Guaranteed! Gacha, Sale Campaign, and more will also be available as part of the collab celebration.

    Collab Event “MIGHTY × REVENGERS” Live Now!

    First off, the collaboration Mission Live Event “MIGHTY × REVENGERS” will take place where players are able to play lives and earn as many Event Points as possible to receive various prizes including Stars, Shards, a Rare Stamp and so on, as well as two event limited Collab Members, LOCK and MASKING!

    Event Period: Mar. 1st UTC 01:00 (Feb. 28 PST 17:00) ~ Mar. 7th UTC 06:59 (Mar. 6 PST 22:59)

    ★3 LOCK [MELODY SQUAD GUITAR] (after training)

    ★3 MASKING [RHYTHM SQUAD DRUMS] (after training)

    During the Collab Event, the special exchange item “Pendants” will drop after Lives and players may collect them to exchange for various rewards at the “Meeting Spot”, reminiscent of the scenes as in “Tokyo Revengers”.

    Collab Limited Missions will be there in the meantime offering more Exclusive Prizes upon the completion of each mission, including Member Pins, Player Titles, Collab Boost Drink “Kids Meal With Flag”, and do not miss out either on the Collab Costume in the motif of the costume of the character “Mikey” from the TV Anime.

    Collab Exclusive “REBELS’ NEW ERA Gacha” for a Limited Time

    Get ready to rock with another 3 Collab Limited Members, LAYER, CHU² and PAREO, that will drop with higher rates in the Collab Limited “REBELS’ NEW ERA Gacha” from Mar. 1 UTC 1:00!

    Gacha Period: Mar. 1 UTC 01:00 (Feb. 28 PST 17:00) ~ Mar. 9 UTC 00:59 (Mar. 8 PST 16:59)

    ★4 LAYER [RAISE A SUILEN FRONTMAN] (after training)

    ★4 CHU² [RAISE A SUILEN LEADER] (after training)

    ★3 PAREO [MELODY SQUAD KEYBOARD] (after training)

    Players can also have 1 Collab Limited Member guaranteed by playing “REBELS’ NEW ERA Collab Limited Member Guaranteed 10 Play Gacha” available throughout the collab period with Paid Stars!

    Gacha Period: Mar. 1 UTC 01:00 (Feb. 28 PST 17:00) ~ Mar. 9 UTC 00:59 (Mar. 8 PST 16:59)

    1. New Collab Cover Songs Added!

    Two Collab Cover Songs, the opening and ending theme songs from the anime franchise, performed respectively by RAISE A SUILEN and Afterglow, have also been added from Mar. 1 UTC 1:00. The new songs are available for purchase with the in-game Tone Crystals at the Music Shop at CiRCLE.

    ♫ Cry Baby

    ♫ Tokyo Wonder.

    Collab Celebration Gift & Login Campaign

    To commemorate the collab, all players will be able to claim the Celebration Gift of Stars x 1000 & Tone Crystals x 50 upon login during Mar. 1 ~ Mar. 11!

    Gift Period: Mar. 1 UTC 08:00 (Mar. 1 PST 00:00) ~ Mar. 11 UTC 07:59 (Mar. 10 PST 23:59)

    The game is also distributing Stars x 150 each day to all players during the Login Campaign, and up to Stars x 1500 can be claimed! Besides, the Collab Limited Voice of RAISE A SUILEN members will be played and switched daily, so do log in every day and catch them all!

    Login Period: Mar. 1 UTC 08:00 (Mar. 1 PST 00:00) ~ Mar. 11 UTC 07:59 (Mar. 10 PST 23:59)

    More Collab Celebration Campaigns!

    Special “New ★4 Limited Member Guaranteed Gacha” will be held during the collab, allowing players to obtain one guaranteed ★4 Limited Member that is not owned. Check out more details in the in-game gacha page.

    Gacha Period: Mar. 1 UTC 01:00 (Feb. 28 PST 17:00) ~ Mar. 31 UTC 00:59 (Mar. 30 PDT 17:59)

    Players can also purchase certain limited Star Packs and benefit with 50% more Stars during the Collab Celebration Special Star Campaign. Make sure to exploit the rare chance and enjoy more in-game resources for the collab!

    Sale Period: Mar. 1 UTC 08:00 (Mar. 1 PST 00:00) ~ Mar. 9 UTC 07:59 (Mar. 8 PST 23:59)

    Another special campaign is taking place on BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!’s official social media platforms and fans are welcome to visit and support the collab by hitting the Like/Share button on the campaign post (Mar. 1 ~ Mar. 11). With every milestone achieved, all players will receive FREE Stars after the campaign.

    ※Note the contents and period of the above limited campaigns may be subject to change. Check out for more updates and latest news in the game and on the official social media!

    About “BanG Dream!”

    “BanG Dream!” is a next-generation girls’ band project that links animated characters with real-life performances. It is a media franchise that includes Anime, Games, and Live Performances. Voice actresses from “PoppinʼParty”, “Roselia” and “RAISE A SUILEN” appearing in the Anime series have formed live bands and are actively performing live performances. In March 2020, a fourth live band “Morfonica” was formed and announced. A new band MyGO!!!!! also debuted in the franchise in 2022.

    About “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”

    The mobile game from the same “BanG Dream!” universe, “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!” is an exciting music rhythm game co-developed by Craft Egg Inc. and Bushiroad Inc.. The game has been awarded “App Store Best of 2017 – Top Game Ranking”, and “Google Play Best of 2017 – Grand Prize for Players’ Choice Game and Attractive Game” in Japan.

    *The English version, which is going to celebrate its 5th anniversary in April 2023, is available worldwide except for Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

    Download the game here via iOS / Android

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