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    Bandai Namco releases new God Eater 3 Story Information

    New story details have just been released regarding the world of God Eater 3. The game is set in a world that is suffering from an outbreak called the “Ashlands”. Those that survive hide in “port” which are underground bases. They begin producing “Adaptive God Eaters” or “AGE” who has resistance to the “Ashlands” outbreak. These “AGE” continue the fight against the “Aragami” on the surface.


    Each port has a means of transportation called “Caravans” which are mobile fortresses that can travel through the “Ashlands” to share information and goods. There are also ships called “Ash Crawlers” which are equipped with some countermeasures against the “Aragami” and Ash.

    Our main protagonist is an Adaptive God Eater from the port of Pennywort. During a mission outing, Pennywort port was struck by an Ashland phenomenon known as an Ash Storm. They had to escape and leave Pennywort behind in order to survive. Suddenly, they received an order transmission from a “Caravan” to kill an Aragami which sets our story in motion.

    Soon our protagonist meets an Ash Crawler from the port Chrysanthemum and a few new characters who run the operation. Here are some images of the new characters and the Ash Crawler Chrysanthemum.

    Hilda Henriquez (voiced by Umeka Shouji)
    “Welcome to our Caravan. This is the Ash Crawler Chrysanthemum.”

    The owner of the Ash Crawler Chrysanthemum. She runs the port of the same name through the transportation of goods and reclamation of new transportation routes in the Ashlands. During a cargo transportation job commissioned by Gleipnir, she happens to be present when the port Pennywort is engulfed by an Ash Storm and encounters the protagonist and company.

    Amy Chrysanthemum (voiced by Minami Tsuda)
    “Okay, got that? The mission lasts until you get home.”

    The mission operator of Chrysanthemum. In the Ash Crawler Chrysanthemum, she handles various duties including mission order management, combat management, communication with other Caravans and ports, and database management.

    Mystery Girl

    A girl that seems to be a key element to the story. She seems something like a horn sticking out from her head, and wears clothes of foreign nature. In what way will this girl end up being connected to the story?


    God Eater 3 out for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on 13th December and is slated for an English release early 2019.

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