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    Baltic Folk, A Magical Tavern Management Game Revealed

    Welcome to Baltic Folk, a magical tavern management game by SneakyBox and inspired by Baltic mythology. Where you can build your dream inn, manage staff, craft menus, and welcome forest souls and ancient gods.

    Details as shared on Steam:

    Enjoy cozy vibes, relaxing mechanics, and discover where gods go for a lunch break.

    • Step into the shoes of a young innkeeper helping your witch grandmother manage, decorate, and expand her cozy traveling tavern.
    • Navigate the whims of forest sprites and ancient Baltic gods who visit your establishment. Manage staff, craft delightful menus, and make your inn a welcoming haven for all who enter.
    • Hire staff, manage finances, purchase supplies, and maintain your establishment with precision and care. Expand and upgrade your tavern with new rooms, facilities, and attractions to attract more customers and increase revenue.
    • Personalize your inn with a variety of decor elements, including furniture, paintings, and carpets, to create a welcoming and unique atmosphere.
    • Encounter a colorful cast of characters inspired by Baltic folklore, from mischievous witches to ethereal forest spirits and majestic pagan gods.
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