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    Bahasa Interface Now Available on Netflix

    Wahai geng Netflix! The moment that we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.

    Netflix has launched its user interface in Bahasa Melayu, enabling members in Malaysia and beyond to navigate the UI, read title names and synopses, and watch films and series with Bahasa Melayu subtitles and dubs including favorites like Stranger Things 3, The Umbrella Academy Season 2, and Kingdom: Season 2.

    Malaysians can now enjoy the complete Netflix experience in Bahasa Melayu – from sign-up to search, rows, collections, and payment, available across all devices on your desktop, TV, and mobile browsers, below are step;

    Step 1 – Sign in to your Netflix account on from your web browser on your mobile device

    Step 2 – Select your profile and choose Manage profiles

    Step 3 – Click on Language drop-down menu and select Bahasa Melayu

    Step 4 – Save your preferences, and get started on streaming your favorite titles! Senang je! (so easy!)

    New members can select Bahasa Melayu as their preferred language when asked during the sign-up process.

    And enjoy their favorite films and series with Bahasa Melayu subtitles and dubs with ease.

    On Netflix, members can set up to five profiles in each account, and each profile can have a different language setting.
    Netflix members outside Malaysia also have the option to switch their user interface to Bahasa Melayu.


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