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    News : Persona 5 Developer Atlus warning streamers not to cross the line.

    Atlus,the game maker of Persona 5 (P5) have earlier disabled all sharing functions on the Playstation 4 in order to prevent fans from recording, broadcasting and even share playing the contents of P5. However, this did not stop those with a capture card as they can bypass said restriction entirely and are now streaming their P5 gameplay freely. Atlus responded by releasing a statement on their website earlier today with a Video/Streaming Guideline and a stern warning to streamers if they failed to comply. Full statement from Atlus can be read here .

  is one of those actively streaming Persona 5 via a Capture Card and in response to their statement :-

    Dear Atlus USA / Japan,

    It is most disappointing that a Game Developer as prominent as Atlus have resorted to this method in their attempt to block gameplay video coverage on Persona 5. In our opinion, Atlus’ reason of “We don’t want the experience to be spoiled for people who haven’t played the game.” is a weak one. We failed to understand how this is a legitimate concern because players who wouldn’t want to be spoiled will naturally avoid contents with potential spoilers. Videos do not pop up and play on their own unless the viewer clicked on its link. Those who came searching for gameplay videos did so willingly and knew the risk of spoilers beforehand.

    You cannot protect people from their own curiosity and you definitely cannot impose your unjustifiable reasons selfishly on others. The year is 2017, if people wants to know something they will get to know it. Even if all of us bow to your demands right now and stop streaming altogether, even if we pull down our published videos. People will still find out what Persona 5’s ending is if they want to, its all within a few clicks on the mouse and taps on the keyboard.

    We will continue to stream on our own terms. We have never put any spoilers on our video titles and descriptions and that practice will continue. As for your guidelines, we find them Unacceptable and your warnings totally Uncalled for, therefore we will NOT comply.

    Be reasonable.

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