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    An Arcade Mode, demo, return of Steve Millier and a new gameplay trailer of handrawn frisbee action Windjammers 2!

    Publisher and developer Dotemu (Streets of Rage 4, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap) offers a preview of Windjammers 2 Arcade Mode and confirms the return to the field of dynamic British Steve Miller in a new, vibrant gameplay trailer. The game is currently in development for Switch and PC.

    Let’s go Arcade mode:

    Windjammers 2 Arcade Mode is the setting for titanic single-player battles, with a series of successful matches against artificial intelligence plus additional optional challenges that reward your ability to adapt your playstyle on the fly. Good performance grants credits, which can allow you to continue a tournament in the event of a loss. Arcade Mode is the ideal starting point for beginners who want to learn about the joys of competitive Frisbee and adds depth to the universe by giving each character a dedicated ending that celebrates their progression in the league and the domination of its rivals.

    This video is also an opportunity to confirm the return of Steve Miller, the agile and powerful disc launcher with balanced performance ideal for newcomers and veterans of Windjammers. If Steve’s range of hits is among the weakest in the roster, his graceful velocity and his ability to chain cons and tricky curved trajectories make him a particularly dangerous character.

    Thanks to the valuable and insightful feedback from the Windjammers community, Dotemu is happy to confirm the implementation of a rollback network code for Windjammers 2 . This technique is often considered the best way to deliver the smoothest online experience, and it proves to be very suited to the precision and edginess of Windjammers gameplay. Players can experience it right now with the new playable demo, released as part of the Steam Game Festival and available through February 9.

    Windjammers 2’s drastic approach to gameplay and jousting pace is a perfect way to get away from it all and wallow in the hot sand. The basic mechanics are accessible but require practice to be perfectly mastered: this is the fertile ground for feverish nights of rivalry between friends, or fierce opposition against illustrious strangers from around the world determined to put your head in. the sand in a tournament. The exceptional fluidity of hand-drawn 2D animations and the boundless energy of Windjammers 2 gameplay make for an all-around spectacle, as exciting to watch as it is to play.

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