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    Adventure Fourth To The Desert In Tears of Themis

    HoYoverse has announced that its detective title, Tears of Themis, will be having a limited time event named “Secrets of the Tomb” on 29th April. The event will bring a rich story, exhilarating tasks, an event-limited commemorative badge, new R cards, a limited Invitation, and other generous rewards. Embark on a journey with him to Khaimit, the land of golden sands. Compose a new destiny together with two hearts drawing ever closer.

    The “Shadows of Resurrection” Main Story and Side Story tasks will be available in stages during the event period. Attorneys can enjoy Tomb of Ita gameplay and consume Exploration Energy to clear debris and obtain Exploration Points and Experience. Attorneys can raise their Exploration Rank and level up their Exploration Abilities to proceed deeper into the tomb and unveil the hidden treasure inside. Artifact Tasks will open at each Exploration Rank. Accept the tasks from Rubis Museum’s curator and unlock bountiful Artifacts within the Museum. Partake in the event and complete tasks to earn the event-limited commemorative badge “Roaring Sands,” limited Invitation “Desert Road,” and R cards of the four male leads!

    Additionally, the “Secrets of the Tomb” Event Shadow of Themis will open on 29th April. The event-limited SSR cards Luke “Overflowing Thoughts,” Artem “Echoes Ablaze,” Vyn “Flickering Moonlight,” and Marius “Dimly Lit” will be available at that time.

    Pure-white memories of the radiant desert are memorialized in the “Sandstorm” Themed Outfits for the four male leads, and the “Desert Oasis” and “Khaimit Palace” Backgrounds will be available for a discounted price in the Cosmetics Shop for a limited time. After the update, a Namecard and limited Background will be obtainable from “Oasis Reveries.” In addition, there will be a Total Purchases Event, a Returner event, and daily log-in freebies! Make sure not to miss out on the fun!

    Tears of Themis available now on both Android and iOS.

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