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    Acclaimed Action-Adventure, The Last Case Of Benedict Fox Coming Soon To PlayStation 5

    Publisher Rogue Games and developer Plot Twist Studio have announced that the cinematic and Lovecraftian action platformer The Last Case of Benedict Fox is coming soon for PlayStation 5. This version represents the definitive edition of the atmospheric Metroidvania thanks to a series of improvements over the original release. Check out the latest gameplay footage of The Last Case of Benedict Fox.

    Winner of the Gamescom 2022 Award for “Most Wanted Microsoft Xbox Game,” The Last Case of Benedict Fox will run at full 4K and 60 frames per second to bring the nightmarish realm of trauma and tribulations to life. Step into gothic-era Boston as the eponymous self-proclaimed detective to experience the deep mauve haze, sinister spires, foreboding footpaths, and unnerving reverberations of Limbo. As Benedict you will delve further into oblivion, in a journey to uncover the truth behind a mystifying family tragedy while answering to the whims of a demon that possesses his soul. Delve into memories of the dead through a chilling narrative interwoven with exhilarating combat and mind-bending puzzle design. Explore the arcane realms of life and death in the universe of Limbo as far as your psyche will allow, but beware, this case can easily consume you… leaving behind a never-ending and nightmarish comatose in its wake. Will this case be solved or will you succumb to insanity?

    Players of the original release on PC and Xbox Series S/X praised Fox’s rich atmosphere, compelling narrative, and clever puzzles, but some critics raised issues with the game’s slower-paced combat and platforming mechanics. The PlayStation 5 version, considered the definitive edition, boasts dramatic control and speed improvements to combat and platforming gameplay, which, combined, significantly better the experience. Furthermore, enhancements to visuals, UI, enemy AI, puzzles, and more have also been introduced alongside new gameplay features.

    These are substantial, meaningful gameplay and visual improvements that take what was already an absolutely gorgeous, extremely engaging Metroidvania to new heights on PlayStation 5

    Matt Casamassina – Rogue CEO

    The Last Case of Benedict Fox Gameplay Features:

    • Descend into Limbo – Benedict Fox’s bond with his demon companion allows him to descend into the consciousness of a deceased person, placing him into the world of Limbo. The mind is a dangerous place – with powerful emotions and painful memories! As the detective uncovers more clues, Limbo shifts and danger lurks.
    • Demon-Enhanced Combat System – Players will encounter ruthless and dangerous enemies on their journey to solve the case. Utilize a combination of various objects, environmental surroundings, weapons, and traversal abilities to overcome danger that awaits.
    • A Grim Mystery – As Benedict settles into the colonial manor of the family he is investigating, a rich and tragic story unfolds as he explores their intimate and disturbing story.
    • Burtonesque Art Style – Become entranced by the dramatic gothic cinematic visual design inspired by film noir and Lovecraftian nightmares as you explore, traverse and progress through Limbo on your journey to solve the last case of Benedict Fox.
    • PlayStation 5 Improvements – Completely overhauled combat and platforming mechanics allow for a slicker, speedier experience. Enhancements to visuals / UI / and enemy AI make this the definitive experience for fans of gothic Metroidvanias.

    Sink into the enrapturing storyline, breathtaking hi-fidelity art, and pulse-pounding combat of The Last Case of Benedict Fox when it lands on PlayStation 5 soon.

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