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    A simplistic pool experience on the go, as Pure Pool comes to the Nintendo Switch

    Ripstone Games and VooFoo Studios have announced that its acclaimed cue sports simulation Pure Pool is coming to Nintendo Switch on the 17th of November. Pure Pool has been fully optimised for Nintendo Switch and offers stunning 1080p visuals alongside a full suite of pool and snooker game modes, to bring Nintendo Switch players the definitive rendition of cue sports; whether playing at home or on the go. Check out the trailer below:

    Pure Pool is a technical marvel, running at 1080p docked and 720p handheld with all of the game’s high-end visual features, all at a solid 60 frames per second. Offering the full range of control options supported by the Nintendo Switch, Pure Pool’s myriad of playstyles ensures that whatever the setup, players will be cueing up and potting balls in no time.

    With additional modes and playstyles and challenges, Pure Pool offers something for everyone.Global leaderboards and rankings allow players to track their performance across the Pure Pool player base whilst challenging members of the global community in Free-play, Two-player, Leagues, 8-ball, 9-ball, Blackball, Killer and Accumulator modes. Snooker contents also also included from the original release, with the addition of online capabilities for players to take on the DNA of other competitors.

    Game features:

    • Photo-realistic graphics and detailed visuals
    • Live online Multiplayer
    • DNA-profiling allows players to compete against the play-style of their friends or foes anytime
    • A fine-tuned physics engine for super-smooth gameplay
    • Bustling pool hall for an immersive pool experience
    • The most authentic pool experience players can get outside of real life
    • Snooker add-on pack out now!


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