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    A great turn of events as Unturned is now out for Playstation 4 and Xbox One!

    505 Games has brought their highly acclaimed open-world zombie survival sandbox game Unturned to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One after its success on Steam. The launch trailer can be viewed below:

    Initially developed by Smartly Dressed Games, the studio partnered up with 505 Games to make publishing them to consoles a reality. UNTURNED now turns its brain munching attention to consoles, offering an enhanced gameplay experience and a host of new features. As well as specific console improvements such as a redesigned camera system, enhanced physics and graphics as well as specific console controller support, UNTURNED will also offer local split-screen multiplayer for zombie killing fun from the comfort (and safety) of your couch.

    Another exciting addition for consoles will be the option for players to create their own persistent game worlds on private servers so they can either play with their friends or open them up to anyone in the community. These private servers will be made available free of charge for all console players.

    Some key features of the console version of Unturned:

    • Massive maps – explore up to 8 sandbox maps by travelling by land, air, and sea
    • Craft – create your equipment and structures from supplies you collect
    • Power up – upgrade skills in three categories: Offense, Defense, Support
    • Customise – avatars can be fully cosmetically personalized
    • Multiplayer – brave zombies and other foes alone or team up with friends
    • Split Screen – play locally with a friend in split-screen mode
    • Compete or ally – attempt to form alliances with other players or take out all the competition


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