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    Samsung’s Galaxy S21 making headlines at TV3 and Astro AEC

    Samsung’s latest Galaxy series addition is sure grabbing headlines. The Galaxy S21 series is making Malaysians thrilled with its bold new design, advanced pro-grade camera, seamlessly integrated ecosystem experience, and its outstanding performance.

    The Galaxy S21 series will cooperate with two of Malaysia’s leading TV channels – TV3 and Astro AEC, to kick-start the countdown to the official available date of the phone. Samsung aims to reach out to Malaysians across the nation through these fun and engaging shows with appearances from many local artists.

    Just yesterday around 9 PM at TV3, popular local artists such as Ismail Izzani came on together with other singers and actresses Nabila Razali, Elly Mazlein, and Norman Hakim. All of them came together with shared their dreams and passion from home with the use of the Galaxy S21 Series.

    If you have missed yesterday’s session, fret not. Today there will be another one at Astro AEC at 9.30 PM. This time you will join Yoke Chen, Darren Ch’ng, Jie Ying, and many more Astro talents in sharing how their experience with the Galaxy S21 was.

    In addition, by tuning in the live stream not only at Astro AEC but also at MYFM’s Facebook page, you will stand a chance to win prizes from Samsung.

    Furthermore, there will also be more exciting offers from Samsung Malaysia. In conjunction with the launch of the Galaxy S21, the Head of IT & Mobile Business, KM Liew, will be joining in today’s session at Astro AEC to spice things up.

    Also, do check out our very own first look at the Galaxy S21 where our Chief Editor had his hands on the phone as his daily driver.

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