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    LINE Games Unveils A New Gameplay Trailer Of Its Upcoming PC Shooter Quantum Knights At Gamescom 2022

    LINE Games Corporation announced that it has participated online in Europe’s biggest game exhibition Gamescom 2022 and unveiled a new gameplay trailer of Quantum Knights, an online third-person looter shooter for PC, currently under development by Space Dive Games and to be serviced by LINE Games. The new two-minute gameplay trailer below unveils Quantum Knights’ stylish and dynamic third-person shooting action and the game’s unique medieval fantasy open world, set in the continent of Brica flourishing with technomagic.

    The gameplay video portrays heavily armored characters shooting down enemies using firearms and magic skills and features various play elements, such as interacting with the surrounding environment to take down multiple enemies at once and make way.

    Currently under development by Space Dive Games, Quantum Knights is scheduled to be released in 2023 for PC. Players can enjoy the game’s third-person shooting action while completing various missions and quests in a medieval fantasy open-world setting. In Quantum Knights, each firearm has a unique design and skill, which players can collect and upgrade to build one’s own combat style.

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