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    Recruiting for Destiny 2 – This is why you should join us!

    Hello Guardian!

    We are now recruiting for Destiny 2! If you are looking for a bunch of fun people to :

    – Strike
    – Nightfall
    – Public Event
    – Campaign
    – Raid
    – Crucible
    – Sharing Info / Discussion
    – Friends to play with
    – Make some friends

    You can do all that with us if you join us! But what else do we have to offer?


    Who are we?
    BunnyTeam [BT] is a mainly Malaysian based community founded in March 2015 since Destiny 1 days, we started with a humble few members with the aim to help each other through strikes and raids.The name BunnyTeam was inspired by our humble beginning, back then we only had the Jade Rabbit Insignia Emblem (It was easy to get) so we founded a clan after the Jade Rabbit. Since then BT have grown healthily and have played many games together. We also own and run , an Independent PS4 Community website covering news, updates and gossips from the Video Games industry!

    One of our BT & Friends gathering!

    We are more than just a clan
    BT members hang out in real life from time to time and have become good friends who look out for each other not only in-game but also in real life. Our community is well represented by people from different walks of life and such diversity is something we are proud of. We want to expand in number but hope to preserve our core values while doing so. Maturity and Mutual Respect. With these values, we have founded not just a clan, but a foundation to a strong friendship. Those of you who join us are expected to honour the same values we do.

    During our PSVR Test Gathering

    Side – Activities
    Apart from Video Gaming (which we do mostly like 90% lelz) we also have side activities! Like our Occasional Friday Badminton session! Gatherings! Impromptu Dinners! We have a website that is opened to existing members to participate if they have a relevant talent to showcase, recently our Web Team even received a Media Pass to the PlayStation Experience @ KL. Oh we also have members who organize and visit the Tokyo Game Show together! This will be the second year we’d be attending now!

    Zozi and Alex on duty at PlayStation Experience 2017

    One of the biggest problem many clans face is what happens when the game they are based in dies? BT leadership have reached a conclusion long ago that BT would be a nomadic clan. Which means, we would hop from game to game while recruiting those willing to join our rank. This recruitment notice is especially meaningful to us because it feels like we’ve completed a full cycle, by returning to Destiny. We’d continue to move around since we are a stubborn bunch who refuses to allow the state of a game to determine our future. In time, we also hope to see our website generate more traffic and monetizing opportunities.

    Well now..
    After you have read probably the longest recruitment notice you have ever seen, you must be convinced already (coz I have nothing more to bait you with so you better be convinced!). So if you are willing and wants to join us, leave your PSN ID in the comment section below in order for me (ZoziVora) to add you on my PSN and to invite you into our clan. You may also join our FB Group and leave a comment there. We also have a Telegram (Mobile App) Chatgroup for Discussion and LFG purposes where all our members are at, you are most encouraged to join us there as well.

    See you soon Guardian! May the Light be with you!

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