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    You Can Now Pledge Your Razer Silver to Donate Surgical Masks For Health Workers.

    Razer is kicking it up a notch again in leading the gaming community towards the fight against the Covid-19 around the world. The company has just announced a new initiative that players can participate in to aid the fight against the virus while doing what they can do best – by staying home and game on.

    Gamers simply need to check if their favourite games on PC or Mobile are eligible to earn Razer Silver, an e-currency on Razer’s platform. Players can earn Razer Silver by just playing eligible games and then pledge the said Silvers for surgical masks to be donated to frontline health workers around the world.

    The list of eligible games can be checked on the ‘Paid to Play’ games list from the free Razer Cortex game optimisation software that is now available on PC and Android mobile devices.

    Games launched from the Razer Cortex would enable players to earn Razer Silver, which they can use to exchange a variety of rewards like Razer Hardware, Gift Cards, and video games. The new campaign will now allow pledging the Silvers for surgical masks to be donated to global frontline efforts.

    Pledge the mask, or use the silver for something else.

    Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of Razer has been actively leading his company in producing efforts to counter the pandemic since the virus outbreak forced most of the countries into lockdown. From converting part the brand’s manufacturing line into surgical masks production line, to distributing free masks on vending machines.

    As of April April 24th, the company has already shipped over 1million masks to different places around the world. There’s also a plan in place to provide 5million free masks in Singapore alone, where the company originated from.

    The young CEO is now standing at the front again, rallying gamers to Razer’s new effort;

    “We are calling on the gaming community to do what we do best, stay home and game on, and now for a good cause, too,” said Min-Liang Tan, Chief Executive Officer at Razer.

    So far, over 30,000 masks have been pledged by gamers around the world by converting their Silvers. Other than the Paid to Play program, players can also donate via Razer Gold. Anyone who signs up for Razer Gold now will get 1,000 Silvers, which they can use to exchange for other things including pledging for the masks donation.

    “Razer’s unique ecosystem of hardware, software, and services has always been geared towards the gamer and now we have a way to allow the gaming community to directly contribute to Razer’s key COVID-19 initiatives. For those who are game enough to rise to the challenge, we are excited to see how many masks we can pledge together.”

    This new initiative is part of Razer’s ongoing campaign, #RazerForLife, to support communities and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and is additional to Razer’s commitment of donating 1 million masks to affected communities around the globe.

    Game Publishers who would like to participate in Razer Cortex’s Paid to Play program can reach out to Razer at


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