About Us

Warning: Whatever you're going to see next is strictly for gamers (and our corporate partners) only. If you're an aspiring chef looking for the best recipes to whip up a Tortilla, you're in the "w-right" place!

was founded in a dark and stuffy room located somewhere between the cracks of Malaysia and the Orion star system. In the year 2015, we (residents of that dark and stuffy room) have realized that the South East Asian PS4 community are in desperate need of more localized reviews and less Tortillas. And here we are, kidnapping our local gamers for 100% freshly squeezed local reviews – no bullshits, and definitely no Tortillas.

In the middle of 2018 we decided to rename our “Brand” to BunnyGaming hence our new portal, BunnyGaming.com . There are no special reasons for this really, we just thought the new name sounded cooler than the old one and because we can!


If you need to talk to us about work stuffs or confess your love, just write to us at enquiry@bunnygaming.com or use our Contact Us Page here!

Bunny Team & Friends 😀

What we do

  1. NEWS!
  4. We make ice kacang, satays and cekodoks. (g00gle it!)

(Editor’s note : We write honest,silly,straight-to-the-point,community centric, salty and spicy reviews.)

What we don’t do:-

  1. Corporate, professional, stylish reviews.
  2. Run governments
  3. Tell you the game is good when its not.
  4. KowTow to basturds
  5. Eat our foot
oh wait…we do..








Anyway, Introducing !

The Guardians of BunnyGaming.com

The Big Kahuna – Chief Editor

ZoziVora aka The Big Kahuna was our very first kidnap victim. Zozi was forced to be the Chief Editor of BunnyTeam.net in 2015, being the only sane person in the room at that time. He has been voted to be the best troll in video games by the rest of his too-serious-to-have-fun posse.

Head Pencil Man – Editor

DeadlyRush2014 spends most of his time editing, organizing and reviewing a huge portion of BunnyTeam’s content. The rest are spent on strategizing the best way to play a casual game, ironically.

The Fat Squire – Reviewer

We found Kelvin7757 somewhere along the streets of Penang Island, selling mini vials of “mai kin cheong” to unwary monkeys. Due to his agile and creative playstyle, he has shown us many ways of approaching a game. So, we shoved him into the back of our ice cream truck and have been with us ever since.

The Thin Squire – Reviewer

DevilBetrayer, unlike his namesake, is a child of the sea. He spent a good half of his life diving for mermaids until he got fished up by us. Since then, he has redirected his romantic fantasy into reviewing fantasy themed games like Romance of a Few Kingdoms or something like that…

Apprentice Tea Maker – Content Creator

Arqrez claimed that he grew up in Malaysia, which we all knew was a lie. With that goatish accent of his, we are very sure that he is a character that jumped out of The Sims. For a person who speaks symbols and emoticons, we found him of great use as we were running out of punctuations.

Grand Magus of Paper Clips – Content Creator (Ascended)

Kenn-ied loves anything that starts with the letter Y. Yakuza 0,1,2,3 – Kiwami. Yooka Laylee. Yestiny. Yitcher. Yersona. YYE2K16. Yiablo 3. The list goes on.

As of 2018, Kenn-ied has ascended to the higher planes of the Three Realms. As a paragon of the letter Y, he has assumed a higher responsibility to spread the teachings of Y.

Elder Vindicator of Puntopia – Content Creator

Pun Tart is the flowerless wallflower of the team.

Why we like him :

  • Aggressively passive.
  • Super blur. Blurrest person you’ll ever meet.

Why we love him:

  • Puns too much.
Master of The Universe (Or so he thinks) – Web Master & Occasional Content Producer

Klephts. Yours Truly. The Grand Sage. ‘Nuff Said.