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    Family Tree Review

    Developed By: eastasiasoft

    Published By: Infinite State Games

    Platforms: Nintendo Switch

    Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch


    When I first saw the name – Family Tree, the first thing that appeared in my mind was some complicated family tree chart and although that was not entirely true. there are elements fo the game about family and trees. Family Tree is actually a game that combines some fruit saving and coin hunting, pinball bouncing, cannon shooting, Circus Charlie and Ice Climber with time attack. In a simple way, Family Tree is a very colourful 2D platformer game exclusive for the Nintendo Switch.



    One night, the Evil Skull Pedro sucked away the children of Mr. and Mrs. Fruit into a portal and spread them across the forest. You will be playing as Mr. and Mrs. Fruit to save their children by cannoning up to the top of every tree in the forest to reunite back them with their kids.


    Family Tree combines both pinballs with the 2D platformer style which is one a kind with more than 100 different levels in two different level formats, vertical and horizontal. This game is high score driven with a timer count as well. So, the faster you complete the level, the higher the score you will obtain. Most of the levels are played vertically ascending with the goal to gather as much fruit as possible along your way up to the endpoint. In order to ascend to the endpoint, you must launch Mr. Fruit up in the air to reach the further end of the level.

    There will be cannons that will blast Mr. Fruit away across the level with ease, so try to utilize as much of the cannon as possible. As you enter a new season, the gameplay will change from vertical to horizontal levels. Please beware that the Evil Skull Pedro will chase you across that level, so you have to reach the endpoint before it gets you. There is also a list of achievements to be earned by performing certain actions for players who want to chase them. You can also get your friends of four to play along the in the Endless Climb mode where you all can enjoy a friendly race to reach the top. This game can be enjoyed by both friends and family as the game is easy to be played with intuitive controls and simple gameplay.



    • The cute and interactive visual presentation of the game attracts my attention to the game. Even the evil skull Pedro looks quite cute.
    • The game is packed with tons of levels and unlockables which makes the game not too short as a whole.
    • The game does not just come with very colourful visuals but it also rich with a beautiful soundtrack which players can enjoy while Mr. Fruit busy saving his kids.
    • The 4 player local multiplayer in the endless mode is definitely a good addition to the game on top of just the story mode play which is the perfect game to challenge your friends in the race to the top.
    • There are many achievements and tons of items to be collected to achieve and collect.



    • Multiple characters are only available in the endless climb mode.
    • There aren’t any specific goals to be achieved within the level as the players can just complete a level by just reaching a certain platform.
    • Lack of elements that will encourage players to continue across the levels.
    • Personally, I have some difficulties in familiarizing myself with the controls of the game at first. But with consistent practice, managed to get used to it.


    Suggestion on how to make it better:

    • To introduce online game features such as score leaderboard to encourage players from all around the world to play the game and show off their scores.
    • To include a different gameplay element such as special ability to the characters to keep the freshness to the game



    Family Tree is definitely charming when it comes to the graphics and the artwork and the cute fruit bouncing off here and there. However, the game itself doesn’t have enough motivational elements to keep players playing the game. Even though the game has over 100 different levels but the mechanism remains relatively the same throughout the game and never really changes into something spectacular to have that “wow” factor. With the price tag of USD 7.99 (approx MYR 34) on NintendoeShop its definitely good to have in your game library whenever you have the time to kill, this game will be the perfect one for you.

    Score: 7/10

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