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    Zombie 3D Shooter Valley of The Dead – MalnaZidos Releases On PlayStation And PC On March 11th!

    Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España), Mediaset Games, GammeraNest and RBorn Games (the studio behind the former PlayStation Talents title The Five Covens) announced that the zombie 3D shooter Valley of the Dead – MalnaZidos will be released on Playstation 4 & 5 and PC on March 11th.

    MalnaZidos is a thrilling survival shooter set in the late 1930s. During 1938 All Saints’ Eve, a young officer named Jan is sent on a mission that will turn apocalyptic when the gates of hell open in front of him and hordes of the undead threaten to end his life. Help Jan to escape with his life through harrowing scenarios such as forests, abandoned villages and dark dungeons to discover why the world is suddenly plagued by the undead.

    Valley of the Dead (MalnaZidos) is a 3D shooter with exploration and infiltration mechanics where you will need to make bold choices, as enemies will always outnumber you and bullets will be scarce. Fight alongside the movie’s characters and control them in bonus levels that will offer a new layer of replayability. Valley of the Dead (MalnaZidos) has a unique art style mimicking comic books by using cell shading graphics.

    • Shoot your way out of the zombie apocalypse as Jan, a regular guy that has been trapped in the midst of huge hordes of zombies.
    • Explore and sneak through the different levels while wisely using your weapons and ammunition, as enemies will always outnumber you.
    • Enjoy a unique art style that mimics comic books by using cell shading graphics.
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