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    Your Order Is On The Way: “Mika And The Witch’s Mountain” Will Be Out On August 21st

    Chibig studio’s haunting new adventure is ready for delivery on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch with a 15% launch discount for the launch week. Fans of Mika and the Witch’s Mountain on PlayStation 4 | 5 and Xbox Series X | S will have to wait a few months to join the party.

    Developer has released a brand new trailer for Mika and the Witch’s Mountain with new animations and gameplay content:

    The release will take place during Gamescom week, where the team will be present with a booth in the indie area to celebrate and share such an event with the thousands of attendees.

    For the first time in the studio’s history, the main release will be followed by a completely free update in the following months that will expand the content and hours of gameplay: The hidden side of the mountain.

    Perfect delivery, best rating
    There is an open position at the local delivery company for anyone who wants to earn a few coins by perfectly (don’t wet or break) delivering packages for everyone on the island. Wait, you need a new broom to take you to the top of the mountain? That’s a fluke!

    What else can you do?
    Delivering packages will keep you busy most of the time, but this island offers so much more. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run through ancient platforming-ruins, explore the heart of the mountain like in a Zelda-style dungeon, or simply fish on a magic broom? You’ll have to see it with your own eyes!

    A mini-open world at your reach
    A whole island within your reach (well, your broom’s) to discover more and more about the world around you and about yourself. With each broom upgrade you will be able to reach higher and higher places, meet new characters and collect treasures until you reach the great truth that the mountain holds.

    Outfits, trails and collectibles
    Get all of Mika’s skins and trails for her magic broom to create your favorite outfit and fill your haul with all kinds of unimaginable treasures that you’ll get by making perfect deliveries and exploring every nook and cranny.


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