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    Venture Into A Charming Soulslike Adventure In The Path To Etinway

    This is one of the indies that gallantly sweeps me off my feet, The Path To Etinway by indie developer Dan Kim Nguyen showcases a flow of roguelike reflexes and movement of roll swerving around enemies and delivering acrobatic attacks in Unreal Engine 5. As you play, navigate through a strange and foreign world, discovering new areas filled with danger and mystery, while fighting strange new enemies to gain abilities, honing your skill at the same time. Check out the video below:

    Source: PathToEtinway

    Details as shared on Steam:

    Experience a fantasy adventure in which you will uncover the truth of Etinway. Hone your skills and gain new abilities as you discover the many mysteries hidden within this new land. On your path, you will journey through different environments, make new allies, and face many enemies. Be careful of the many dangers you will face as you travel through this beautiful yet treacherous landscape. Become the warrior you were destined to be as you make your way towards Etinway.


    – A fantasy world in which you will explore cities, castles, ruins, and dungeons.
    – A fantasy single-player adventure story campaign.
    – Various enemy pawn and boss encounters with different abilities will test your combat skills as a warrior.

    Currently, The Path To Etinway is under development for the PC release and has no release date yet.

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