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    Valkyrie Elysium, A New Entry In The Legendary Valkyrie Series Is Coming In 2022

    Square Enix announced today that Valkyrie Elysium, an all-new action-RPG in the Valkyrie series, is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 consoles and Steam this year. Developed by Soleil Ltd., Valkyrie Elysium draws on the richness of Norse mythology to present an original story set in a world on the brink of destruction, full of danger and fast-paced action combat.

    The trailer provides a first glimpse of the game’s protagonist, a young Valkyrie who is entrusted with the fate of the world by the All-Father, the highest of gods and ruler of all creation. She will face various enemies on her quest and must utilize a variety of weapons, magic and the power of her allies to prevent Ragnarok—the destruction of the world. Valkyrie Elysium calls on its roots with music from series regular Motoi Sakuraba while driving the series forward in a fresh, new direction with classic combat mechanics, such as finishing moves and combo systems, reimagined for an action-RPG. The game also features character designs by Yuya Nagai of CyDesignation, Inc.

    Valkyrie Elysium is not yet rated by the ESRB and will be available for PS5, PS4 and Steam this year.

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