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    Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher’s Kaiju: “Science Party Mocchi” Is Available As An Early-Purchase Bonus

    Bandai Namco Entertainment announces the addition of Kaiju: “Science Party Mocchi” as a new bonus for Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher’s package-exclusive early purchase bonus and digital pre-order bonus content. A brand-new trailer featuring Holly from the Monster Rancher series – voiced by Mariko Kouda – has also been released.

    The trailer introduces the title’s game system and showcases game features such as the ability to confer characteristics on your Kaiju by feeding them cookies, as well as the stress accumulation mechanic, which can fill your Kaiju’s Rage Gauge – causing them to go on a rampage.

    Addition of Kaiju: “Science Party Mocchi” as a Bonus for Package-Exclusive Early Purchase Bonus and Digital Pre-Order Bonus Content

    In addition to the previously announced Kaiju: “Sevenger Giant of Light Skin” and the Raising Items Set, the Kaiju: “Science Party Mocchi” will be included as part of the package-exclusive early purchase bonus and digital pre-order bonus content as well.

    Originally from the Monster Rancher series, the Kaiju: “Science Party Mocchi” that has been included as part of the bonus content would be wearing the Science Party outfit.

    Kaiju: “Science Party Mocchi”

    Mocchi from Monster Rancher 2 makes a surprise appearance! To demonstrate his strong desire to protect the island’s peace, Mocchi is now proudly donning the uniform of the Science Party.

    Two Ultra Dimension Cards Have Been Included as Package-Exclusive Early Purchase Bonuses

    An extra bonus has been added to the package-exclusive early purchase bonus for Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher. This includes two Ultra Dimension Cards (Eleking Gomora and Gomora Red King).

    What is Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher About?

    Using the game system of Monster Rancher and Monster Rancher 2 as its base, Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher is an Ultra Kaiju breeding simulation game, which allows you to raise your very own Ultra Kaiju – be it an Alien Baltan, Zetton, or Gomora. With over 200 different kinds of Kaiju, get ready to discover and raise the strongest Ultra Kaiju when the game releases on the Nintendo Switch on October 20th, 2022.

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