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    Trails of Cold Steel III creeping in for the Switch with a lot of goodies!


    NIS America has announced The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III for the Nintendo Switch recently, and the game will include 26 free cosmetic items – two of which is the Rean’s Unspeakable Costume and Juna’s Lloyd Bannings Costume. Watch the story trailer below:


    Trails of Cold Steel III pits the players into a world full of intrigue and exciting adventure. Visit never-before-seen places and the Erebonian country and meet new faces and old acquaintances.  Fight to defeat the threat that is abstaining peace after the Erebonian Civil War !

    New features for the game include :-

    The New Class VII – The player explores the world of the Empire with a new group of heroes and meets new faces and old acquaintances there.

    An immersive story– An epic story that was built over a total of three parts offers excitement for newcomers and fans of the series. An interactive introduction gives new players the opportunity to learn the history of the older parts so they can immerse themselves in the world of Trails of Cold Steel as quickly as possible .

    A revised combat system – Thanks to the revised combat system, the player can now defy all threats. New features such as the Brave Order and the Break System add new possibilities to the fight.

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III is expected to arrive for the Switch some time in Spring 2020.

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