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    Trailer: 8-Minutes of Shaolin Soccer Gameplay! I Meant… “Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions”.

    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has shared an eight-minute-long video featuring the gameplay trailer for its upcoming football theme game, Shaolin Soccer, Urm.. sorry, I meant, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. But just watch the trailer, you’ll know why I said Shaolin Soccer.


    The trailer is every bit of Captain Tsubasa (and Shaolin Soccer) fantasy came true.

    The trailer features a football match between the boys from Nankatsu Junior High and Toho Academy in a seemingly sold-out stadium. Fans of Captain Tsubasa would be pleased to see all the familiar faces from the iconic football team from their childhood.

    The game looks and plays every bit like the anime where you can dribble passed someone in a blink of an eye (literally). There’d be a defender in front, but BAMM! There was a flash and the dribbler is now magically behind the defender, Captain Tsubasa style.

    The trailer also features moves that fans of the popular Chinese movie about Football, Shaolin Soccer, will instantly recognise. For example, two players from an opposing team jumping as high as 3 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar combined just to fight each other to head the ball. It makes you wonder why they didn’t just play Basket Ball in the first place if they could jump that high.

    Captain Tsubasa is not Captain Tsubasa if there are no unrealistically overpowered kicks and goalkeeping. In the trailer, Hyuuga Kojiro, Tsubasa’s rival demonstrated a kick so powerful that an aura in the form of a tiger showed itself and roared before the ball flies itself into the net – there was nothing the Goalkeeper can do. The kick was so imba, Bandai Namco Entertainment decided to show it a few times just in case the viewer was stunned the first time and missed it.

    Not happy with his rival showing off, the main hero of the game, Ozora Tsubasa himself made a powerful kick from closed range which looked like a certain goal before the opposing goalkeeper effortlessly karate chopped the ball away with style. Tsubasa would make another attempt at the goal again, this time from the center of the field because he can, that’s why, and scored because the goalkeeper has low stats in blocking ranged shots apparently.

    Go watch the trailer if you haven’t.

    Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions or Shaolin Soccer to some, is set for a worldwide this year on Nintendo’s Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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