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    Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist introducing gameplay with their character trailer

    Bandai Namco Entertainment is unleashing more flesh-devouring ghouls gameplay with a new featured trailer of their anime game Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist.

    Introduction to many Ken Kaneki Friends and enemies

    From the Kaneki obsessed Gourmet ghoul, Shu Tsukiyama, Nishiki Nishio, Touka Kirishima (Kaneki’s wife), Ayato Kirishima, and former ghoul investigator, Seidou Takizawa.

    A clash between Ghouls and Investigators, spilling the streets of Japan’s largest metropolitan city with blood. From the original series all the way to √A and :re. Each character will have differing abilities from the Investigator-Quinx Squad military style or the menacing Ghouls to fight through the enemies in this horde-ish survival horror title in either co-op and single-player battles.

    Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist will enter their war this coming November 14, 2019, in Japan for PlayStation 4, followed up with Americas and Europe on November 15, 2019, for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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