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    Time Survivors: Prologue – Release Date Announcement

    Lunar Chili has announced the release date of Time Survivors: Prologue, a free-to-play version of the upcoming game Time Survivors, available on Steam from April 17, 2023. The prologue is an introduction to the world of Time Survivors, allowing players to experience ~20% of the content and get a taste of what’s to come.

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    Time Survivors: Prologue is a thrilling rogue-like bullet hell game that takes you on a journey through time to solve a mystery by battling hordes of enemies, choosing weapons and upgrades, and creating overpowered builds. Explore different time periods, including the Medieval Age and the Stone Age, and unlock historic characters like Cleopatra, Nero, and Abraham Lincoln to fight relentless waves of enemies. Each stage features dozens of unique enemies, including the massive T-Rex in the Stone Age stage. Additionally, Time Survivors: Prologue introduces never-before-seen power-ups and challenges in a bullet-heaven game, such as Magic Mushrooms that temporarily turn you into a giant to stomp on enemies, or the risk of instant death when attempting to purge one of the Cursed Relics.

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    With 2.5D pixel graphics, an original soundtrack and support for the Steam Deck, Time Survivors: Prologue immerses players in an intense, action-packed adventure also on-the-go.

    Feature of Prologue

    • 2 stages full of enemies, secrets, mini bosses and end-stage boss
    • 6 unlockable characters from the entire human history!
    • 27 different weapons and buffs to choose from for a unique experience every run
    • 8 Cursed Relics
    • 41 different enemies
    • 29 Unlockables

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