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    Three Interesting Indies – Stick It To The Stickman, Dreadhunter & Fading Afternoon

    Due to multiple game events and recovering from Covid, I have not had the opportunity to sit down during these past months and check if there are any indie titles that caught my interest. But, I’ve found a few games that may be worth checking out after much searching. This indie title’s looks to be my next favorite and hopefully yours as well.

    Stick it to the Stickman

    I do ever wonder if the gent’s logo will ever have its own action game but developer Free Lives and publisher Devolver Digital seem to have that in mind with Stick it to the Stickman. Where groin-kicking, staple-gunning, chainsaw-wielding roguelike brawler loaded with high-impact, physics-based combat, copious amounts of coffee, and weaponized farts!. A leaked company memo indicates that applications for aspiring interns will open in 2023.

    Batter your way through compliant coworkers, menial middle-management and brutal bosses, learning more powerful “business techniques” on your way to becoming CEO of the worst company in America.

    Fight Hired With Fired

    Attack is the best form of defense in business, and it’s kill or be killed. Pick up powerful upgrades and HR-approved weaponry to ensure your Stickman is more than just a yes-man.

    Go The Extra Mile

    Your career trajectory isn’t just vertical. Incorporate new subsidiary companies to squeeze out the competition, with each acquisition offering new gameplay, new enemies, new bosses, new weapons and more. Build a conglomerate that rules the marketplace and dominates our hearts.

    Grab The Low-Hanging Fruit

    Stick it to the Stickman’s corporate dystopian setting, with clever yet harrowing gags about the future under capitalism, is sure to raise a smile at next year’s company retreat.


    Nothing is as awesome as plowing through enemies in a mecha suit. Developed by Trickster Arts and set in Q4 2023 release on PC, where impactful combat with hordes and bosses meets endless replayability accompanied by environments in the story campaign that are uniquely generated every time you enter them. Last but not least, collecting loot that is so unique – it changes the way you play.

    Fading Afternoon

    One thing I like is a retro-ish anime beat ’em-up game with fluid movements, reminding me of games like double dragon and Yakuza. Well, in this case, Yeo’s Fading Afternoon looks pretty interesting in that aspect. Here you will play as Seiji Maruyama, a middle-aged yakuza recently released from prison. Fading Afternoon is set to release in 2023 on PC.

    The game features as shared on Steam:
    • Multi-endings
    • Complex beat’em up action
    • Mini-games
    • City to explore.
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