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    The Sixth Rainbow Six Invitational Will Be Making Its Way In February

    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Invitational will be holding its sixth edition invitational at Montreal. Canada. Starting from February 8th to the 20th, the invitational will pit 20 teams across four main regions of the Rainbow Six Esports circuit.

    With the ongoing pandemic, the Rainbow Six Esports global team will be taking measures to ensure the health and safety of every participant.

    There will be a limited on-site audience in January 2022 as the team will continuously monitor the situation in order to make prompt decisions on the number of people coming in.

    Sixteen teams have already secured their spot in the competition by earning points through regional leagues and Six Majors during the Rainbow Six Esports Season 2021. These points contributed to their ranking in the Global Points Standings and have determined their qualification for the Six Invitational 2022.

    • Team oNe Esports (Latin America)
    • Team BDS (Europe)
    • Team Liquid (Latin America)
    • Ninjas in Pyjamas (Latin America)
    • Susquehanna Soniqs (North America)
    • Oxygen Esports (North America)
    • FaZe Clan (Latin America)
    • Elevate (Asia-Pacific)
    • Natus Vincere (Europe)
    • Spacestation Gaming (North America)
    • Team Empire (Europe)
    • DarkZero Esports (North America)
    • DWG KIA (Asia-Pacific)
    • FURIA Esports (Latin America)
    • SANDBOX GAMING (Asia-Pacific)
    • Rogue (Europe)

    We will be updating on the invitational event when more information will be released as time goes.

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