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    The six realms in Lost in Random revealed

    EA Originals together with Zoink Studios have released new information regarding the six realms players can visit in this storytelling adventure as they battle to succeed in the unpredictable Kingdom of Random.

    Players will encounter six distinct realms in Lost in Random, each with its own unique cast of characters and set of obstacles that will challenge the game’s protagonists, Even and Dicey, in new ways. You can find a brief description of each realm below:


    The most decrepit of the six realms, Onecroft is a run-down area filled with the discarded junk of the other five sectors. This is where Even and her sister Odd call home, and find solace in the safety of its borders.


    Two-Town is a place of dualities and split-personalities, changing on a day-to-day basis with the roll of the Queen’s dice. This magical realm is always shifting and can be drastically different with each new morning.


    This region has been in disarray since its King was murdered years ago, with his surviving triplets launching a neverending three-way civil war soon thereafter.


    Built upon the ruins of Four-town, Fourburg is a realm of lawlessness where gambling is the only way to get what you want.


    Once a mythical and powerful land filled with wonders and greatness, Fivetropolis faded into a shadow of itself after the No Dice War, similar to the other realms.


    Deemed the greatest of realms by the Queen who resides here, Sixtopia is known as a magical paradise of luxury. However, all those who enter somehow never return to their home realm.

    Also launching today is the Lost in Random Realm Randomizer AR lens on Instagram and Facebook. This interactive lens tells users which realm in Random they’re destined to live in. Lost in Random launches for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Origin and Steam on September 10.

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