HomeNewsThe epic pilgrimage, Omno is arriving on July 29th

    The epic pilgrimage, Omno is arriving on July 29th

    Solo developer Jonas Manke AKA Studio Inkyfox, along with indie publisher Future Friends announced the final release date for their debut project Omno. The sweeping single-player adventure will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Game Pass from July 29th, with a release on Switch following later this year.

    Omno whisks you away on a journey of discovery through an ancient world of wonders, on a single-player adventure full of puzzles, secrets, and obstacles to overcome. Discover a vibrant world full of strange and wonderful lifeforms and uncover the truth behind your pilgrimage.

    “I first started creating Omno just for fun – I mostly just wanted to make a world I could escape to after work – it was only after sharing some of the stuff I was making with friends and family that I thought maybe I could actually turn this into something people might actually want to play! Being here now, nearly 5 years later, with a successful Kickstarter campaign and a game about to launch on PC & consoles still feels like a dream to me.”

    Jonas Manke – creator of Omno


    • A journey to the past – Uncover a timeless story of sacrifice and self-discovery as you piece together the truth behind your pilgrimage.

    • An ancient world to explore – Make your way through dense, atmospheric landscapes, from jungles to deserts to islands in the sky.

    • A dynamic moveset – A former professional animator, Jonas brings the movement to life, as you fluidly run, glide, dash, surf and teleport through dazzling natural landscapes.

    • No combat, just curiosity – Peacefully bewitch and befriend a wide variety of mythical animals, from lively insects to hulking leviathans.

    • Perplexing puzzles – Think your way through an array of challenges to unlock a pathway to the light.

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