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    The DioField Chronicle Set For September 22 Release!

    Publisher Square Enix and developer Lancarse confirms the release date of the Strategy RPG title, The DioField Chronicle. The game launches on September 22, 2022 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

    Features as shared on Steam:

    The DioField Chronicle Key Features

    ■A new Strategy RPG, brought to you by Square Enix, an all-new Strategy RPG that chronicles an epic tale of war and honor. Featuring a unique and beautiful world that blends fantasy, medieval and modern-day influences, and a deep yet innovative real-time battle system.

    ■Deep, strategic, real-time tactical battles
    The battles in this game are defined by real-time assessment of battlefield conditions and issuing decisive orders that take advantage of your troop’s strengths and weaknesses to gain an advantage over your foe. Make clever use of a variety of skills, classes, and equipment to complete your mission.

    ■Realistic “diorama” style battle scenes
    Richly detailed depictions of the environments of the island of DioField combined with unique “diorama” style visuals as you command your forces like a general.

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