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    The Caligula Effect 2 Character Trailer

    Publisher NIS America released a new trailer presenting the characters in The Caligula Effect 2. Meet the characters of The Caligula Effect 2 and watch them unleash their dazzling abilities!. The Caligula Effect 2 will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch on October 19th in North America, followed by October 22nd in Europe.


    Game details as shared on PlayStation Store

    “Now, make your choices wisely…”

    The world of Redo, where people with regrets can redo their lives in high school, is controlled by a virtual idol named Regret.
    In this place, everyone’s secret wish for a fresh start can come true.
    In this world of no regrets, everyone can experience all the “what if’s” of life.

    It is an ideal world, free from the pain of past mistakes.
    However, one day, the protagonist and several other students realize that this is not the real world and try to find a way home. They form the Return Home Club with the help of yet another virtual idol and round up allies in order to escape.
    Against Redo’s creator, the most difficult homecoming is only just beginning…

    Exploring themes of modern pathology with friends
    The reality each Return Home Club member faces is full of trauma and pain; however, it is up to the player to discover why these individuals still wish to go back to them.
    Embark upon this journey at your own risk and make choices free from regret.

    Battle system predicts future events, connects combos
    The basic in-game battle system is turn-based, but once the player selects an action, the outcome of that action is revealed.
    Collaborate with your friends to strategize and overcome disadvantageous situations.

    • Captivating soundtrack by Vocaloid P
    The mesmerizing voice of Regret fills the dungeon where her composers, known as the Obligato, await our heroes. Those who have fallen victim to the song’s hypnotic melody see the Return Home Club as traitors and proceed to attack them. The Return Home Club also uses Kii’s voice to fight back.
    All music is the work of the one and only Vocaloid P.

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