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    Take a samurai roster with you everywhere you go when SAMURAI SHODOWN arrives on the Switch!

    SNK CORPORATION and Deep Silver have announced that SAMURAI SHODOWN, their critically acclaimed game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, will be released for Nintendo Switch.



    Duels get more portable!

    SAMURAI SHODOWN made its debut back in 1993 and has since redefined the codes of fighting games. 11 years had passed since the release of the last instalment, now its heading for the Nintendo Switch! Discover the fighting game that you can take anywhere you go now.

    Thanks to the Nintendo Switch Table Mode, taking on a friend has never been easier. Just give him a Joy-Con and voila! In addition, you can fight anywhere in the world thanks to the Portable Mode. Iconic game mechanics like Rage Gauge, Flash Blade and super special moves are back! You will feel your heartbeat when, on the verge of death, you will reverse the situation all at once! Find all the power and the sensations of the series with Samurai Shodown and challenge your friends to a duel!

    Samurai Shodown will be available for the Switch on February 25 2020.

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