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    Take a first look at Figment

    Figment is a musical action-adventure game developed by Bedtime Digital Games that explores the human mind both surreal and strange. Announcement trailer below:


    It’s all about the mind

    Set in a place filled with our deepest thought, urges and memories. This particular mind was quiet but something has changed into shapes of nightmarish creatures. You will be joining Dusty and his friend Piper on a journey into the mind, solving, beat nightmares and restore the mind’s courage that has been lost.

    Key Features are as below:

    • A strange surreal hand-drawn world
    • Top view fighting nightmares head-on
    • Solve puzzles
    • Enjoy the world’s score of musical performances


    Previously launched on PC back in Sept 2017 and Switch May 2018. PlayStation will face the musical adventure on May 14, 2019, but for PSN SEA users, Figment is already available now at a discounted price of RM72.00 (price valid until 8th May 2019)

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