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    Take A Closer Look At The Tribes In Horizon Forbidden West

    Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Guerrilla Games shares new details about the inhabitants in the Horizon Forbidden West. All of which are divided into tribes, each of which has its own history, traditions, and compelling characters. In the special short below, learn more about the rich and authentic tribal cultures Aloy finds in Horizon Forbidden West.

    Details below as shared on the Developer Blog:

    Alloy will encounter tribes both strange and familiar. From the border settlements of the Carja and Oseram, to the blighted fields of the Utaru in Plainsong, to the battle-worn Clan Lands of the Tenakth, new alliances and deadly enemies await.

    Join us as we take a closer look at the denizens of the frontier, their lands, and their customs – but do not expect to learn all their secrets. As Aloy will discover, the only way to unravel the mysteries of the Forbidden West is to explore it for yourself.

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