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    Sword Of The Necromancer: Revenant Kickstarter Campaign To Launch In A Few Weeks

    Grimorio of Games will launch a Kickstarter campaign for 3D Action RPG – Sword of the Necromancer: Revenant, just after 2 years of the original game’s launch. The game showcased a first trailer last December, after being announced in development back in April 2022.

    The first Sword of the Necromancer also had a successful crowdfunding campaign, raising €201,256 from its initial €15,000 goal. Revenant‘s campaign will have an initial goal to fund the game’s physical edition, with additional stretch goals to add more features to the game. Sword of the Necromancer: Revenant has been announced for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

    Backers will be able to obtain the game at a lower price than when it comes out. Exclusive campaign rewards will also be available, including a special surprise.

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