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    SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris – Large DLC [Myosotis] Available Now!

    Bandai Namco Entertainment announces the large-scale expansion of DLC “Myosotis” for PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / STEAM of SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris is out now. This includes the reveal of the game’s latest PV, which tells the story of “Myosotis”.

    About the DLC

    In the large-scale expansion of DLC “Myosotis,” a story will unfold in which Kirito and Eugeo, who are traveling together, reaffirm their ties with their friends in various places. Kirito, who dreamt of losing Eugeo in a fierce battle with the Administrator, has set out on a journey with Eugeo in search of “another sword” in order to protect their friends and loved ones. The struggle against powerful enemies that stand in the way of Kirito, and the cracks that sneak in between the two who are connected by friendship, make the journey even more demanding. Enjoy this great battle system that has evolved through updates!


    Strong enemies that stand in their way

    Blood Flower Princess

    A deformed figure of the spirit of the fountain, where unclean blood continued to be shed. Although its main body does not move much, it uses a variety of ranged attacks and long-range attacks, making it a difficult enemy to defeat.

    Ice King Helesig
    A giant king sealed in the desert by a “witch”. Characterized by a large-scale attack by force and a range of attacks by ice.

    “Tales of ARISE” collaboration costumes are now available!

    Special costumes in collaboration with “Tales of ARISE” are now available too! The special costumes that allow you to become Alphen and Shionne in the world of “Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris” will be available after updating to patch 2.00.

    “Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night”

    To commemorate the release of “Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night,” “Mito” costume is now available and can be obtained by updating to patch 2.00.

    About the Game

    “Sword Art Online” is a TV anime that depicts the life of the main character, Kirito, set in the mysterious next-generation online game “Sword Art Online”, which is based on the novel by Reki Kawahara. As Kirito, along with Eugeo, a close childhood friend, explores the vast world of “Alicization” in a beautiful game with rich graphics and familiar characters.

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