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    Square Enix is going to test your judgement in Project Triangle Strategy

    Square Enix has always been known for churning out many great JRPGs all the time. Right now, they are going to add a new one to that ever-growing list.

    Project Triangle Strategy, a brand new original tactical RPG is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game is being developed by Artdink with Asano taking the helm of the team.

    This brand new game in the HD-2D series is a tactical RPG that encompasses the concept of ideals. On the war-torn continent of Norzelia, three nations vie for control over the vital resources of salt and iron. This is a tale of a kingdom brought to the precipice, and the brave souls who would fight for their ideals in the face of calamity.

    The game features a very charming retro-styled pixel art that is enhanced by the unique 3DCG effects. Players will be forced to weigh their ideals and convictions and make challenging value judgments time and again when confronted with trying situations.

    Project Triangle Strategy releases a Debut Demo which will showcase two episodes from Chapter 6 and 7 of the full game is available to download through the Nintendo Store.

    The game is set to be released sometime in 2022.

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