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    Save the soul of your loved ones with roguelite dungeon crawler, Sword of the Necromancer

    How far would you go for someone you love? This is the main core point of this game, Sword of the Necromancer by developer Grimorio of Games. With an optional language feature supporting English, Spanish, and Catalan language.



    Another interesting way to obtain items and monsters in this game will include a “Code Scanner” that allows players to use their Joy-Con’s IR camera to scan custom codes. Check it out below:

    Dive into the depths of the dungeon

    No matter how much it costs to save Koko, main character Tama has to utilize the forbidden powers of the Sword of the Necromancer by going into the dungeons, defeat 5 guardians and the Necromancer itself. Eventually gaining enough souls to bring Koko back to life.

    Key necromancy features

    • Turn your foes into allies by reviving defeated monsters, making them fight by your side instead.
    • Use different weapons and relics with added effects and attributes under its procedural weapon generation system.
    • Level up your character and stats to fight tougher enemies.
    • By dying, you will lose equipment and the revived monsters, while retaining half of the level you achieved. Other than that there is an option to leave the dungeons at some point which will lose your level progress but maintain your current equipment.

    This game is still under development with no announced release date yet.

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