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    Switch: Hard West launch date confirmed

    Publisher Forever Entertainment and developer CreativeForge Games have announced that their game Hard West will be coming for Nintendo Switch via Nintendo Eshop with the add-on “Scars of Freedom”. Pre-orders will start on February 28, 2019.


    A Tactical Wild Wild West

    One mans journey to brutally hunt down in the name of revenge. You play as Warren on his path in darkness while surviving in a world full of hard choices and consequences. Survive through 8 story based scenarios with 40 designed combat missions with multiple endings.

    Key Features

    • Explore a world filled with Western legends being taken over by demons, rituals and satanic cults where the dead may walk again at a price
    • Control a team of 4 squad members utilizing turn based thrilling combat and survive against all odds
    • Use your special abilities with unique cards earned throughout the game by main or side objectives, exploration, treasure hunting and bartering. Combine cards to gain powerful combos and an edge in combat
    • Take cover using objects in your environment, flanking and manoeuvring through combat
    • Use the western sun as it cast out enemies shadow with the sounds they make
    • Use metallic objects to ricochet your bullets for better tactical options and planning
    • Use all historic weapons from rifles, shotguns, pistols and sniper throughout the prototypes and design in the era


    The game will ricochet itself off the Nintendo eShop on March 7, 2019.

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